Elizabeth Payne

Director of the Zacchaeus Fellows Program


Elizabeth is dedicated to encouraging transformation in others, especially young adults.
A North Carolina native and an international Rotary Fellow, she earned a BA in Education and French, and professional certifications in Psychology, from UNC-CH. Throughout her career in leadership development at Bank of America, Atlanta Public Schools, and as an independent consultant-she has helped teams and individuals cultivate potential for maximum engagement,  high performance, and meaningful productivity. In more recent years, her focus has shifted from helping corporate teams thrive to helping teams and individuals align their "why" with God's vision for their life and work. Elizabeth has a strong conviction for living out her values of pursuing excellence, partnering collaboratively, creating clarity/order, and nurturing growth. With an unrelenting sense of purpose and responsibility, Elizabeth is honored to help Peachtree build a Fellows program that impacts young leaders and cultivates transformation. She is a wife and mother of 4 young adults, an ordained Presbyterian Elder, a Gallup certified Strengths Coach and Consultant, and a Younique Master Trainer.

Wendy Eavenson

Assistant Director of the Zacchaeus Fellows Program


Wendy and her husband, Bill, raised their two children, William and Annie, at Peachtree - William now Pastoring an inner city church plant in Cincinnati and Annie leading a Merchandising team with Home Depot HQ. Wendy grew up in the Philadelphia area, has a BS in Business and English from Wake Forest and professional certifications from the Wharton School and GA Tech. While in Marketing and Sales wit IBM and Lenovo, she served multiple terms as a Peachtree Elder and Peachtree Jobs Initiative. Her call has always been to champion the significance of students and young adults to discern and follow their call. As a former Trustee, Wendy co-chaired the Goizueta Scholarship effort to bring Latino students to Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. She is a Younique Master Trainer and Certified Coach, a Wake Forest Center for Leadership and Character Coach, and Secretary to the Bill Maness Good Samaritan Scholarship Board. Serving on the Advisory Board as Work Placement Leader, it was an organic and honoring move into this role of Assistant Director for the Zacchaeus Fellows Program. 

Kristin Combs

Zacchaeus Fellows Program Coordinator


Kristin is an experienced operations strategist with a demonstrated history catching vision and creating impactful solutions. She brings expertise from roles in marketing, staffing, and most recently supporting church ministries. A graduate of Auburn University, Kristin spent the majority of her career developing people through curriculum design, facilitation and onboarding. Kristin is married to Robert, and they have 2 children who are actively involved in Student Ministries at Peachtree Church. Kristin is passionate about The Zacchaeus Fellows initiative and is tremendously grateful for the opportunity to be on the team. 

Cody Jensen

Pastor to Young Adults, Peachtree Church


Cody Jensen has a passion for connecting people and making everyone feel welcomed.  As Pastor for Young Adults, Young Families and Zacchaeus Fellows, Cody helps others build a life of faith to encourage the next generation of Christ-followers and leaders. A native Californian, Cody holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Cal State University Fullerton and Masters in Theology. He began his Church service as a volunteer while in a corporate role.  Having also served St. Andrews Presbyterian in Newport Beach, CA as Student Ministries Pastor, Cody has a heart for disciple-making, teaching God’s word,  and serving the under resourced. Cody's deep passion and love for Christ always involves laughter, energy, and a deep desire to include all in the family of God. Cody is the proud husband to Roz and father to Caden and Brynn.  Cody brings his high energy and can-do approach to all of his roles, including his service on the board of directors for Bill Maness Scholarships.

Our team is supported by our Advisory Committee. Out of a church of some 7,000 Members, set in a vibrant city rich in culture and experience, resources are plentiful and supportive of all of our Fellows’ interests and needs. The ATL Zacchaeus Fellows Advisory Committee are caring and experienced volunteer Community and Business Leaders as well as Fellows Program Alumni. They bring skill and connection in professional Networking and Placement, Professional and Leadership Development, Spiritual Practices, Professional Assessment Tools and Life Planning, Personal Branding and Community Service. Somewhere here is the right placement for your professional internship. Also here are those who will surround you in welcome to the City and it’s resources. From being met with keys to your Apartment, through your Welcome Reception, to your orientation retreat, your first day on the job and preparing your first Fellows meal– your Advisors are surrounding and supporting your journey of discovery.